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What Is Far Infrared?



Description Of The Sun's Output

The sun produces a wide variety of things in its electromagnetic spectrum. Most of these are invisible to us.

The invisible things include, as the chart shows above, cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, and UV (ultraviolet) rays which, though invisible, burn or tan your skin.

Other invisible output from the sun includes infrared rays (including far infrared), microwaves, long waves and radio waves.

The sun produces visible light. We are familiar with that light and its many colors by using our eyesight. Artificially created light supplements sunlight, too.

Humans cannot see anything smaller than 40 microns in size. You cannot see far infrared rays, but you certainly can feel their warmth.



As an example, if you are outside on a cool, sunny day, the sun provides you warmth, but if a cloud temporarily covers the sun, suddenly you feel chilly, even though the air temperature is still the same.

That warmth is from far infrared rays.

Note: a micron (known also as a micrometer) is one-millionth of a meter.

Far infrared rays, including non-purified FIR rays, range between 4 to 1,000 microns.



However, purified far infrared rays measure specifically in the 4 to 14 micron range. The human body can easily absorb wavelengths between 4 to 14 microns (since human cell wavelength is 9 microns).

Therefore, the 4 to 14 micron range is optimal for human beings receiving far infrared rays for health optimization purposes.

It is not safe--indeed, it may be dangerous--to buy a sauna using near infrared or infrared rays--alone or together with far infrared rays.

You are totally safe using a 100% far infrared only product, such as the Relax FIR sauna, since it far infrared only--AND "purified" precisely to the 4 to 14 micron level optimal for the human body.



The Relax FIR Sauna comes with two unique ceramic radiators, which are made of self-temperatures control semiconductors to assure optimal micron ranges.

For example, in studies it was found that far infrared (FIR) rays penetrate deeper into human tissue and induce a higher skin blood flow in comparison to infrared (IR) irradiation.



Far inrared rays are vibrational. The rays enter your body and, as the graphic above shows, they stir up actions, particularly improvement in circulation.

FIR and IR cause different biological effect in human tissue. FIR increases more blood flow in human skin than IR irradiation (wavelength of 700-2000 nanometers, Philips, Holland).

While a micron (micrometer) is one-million of a meter, a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. Therefore, the 700-2000 nanometer wavelength of infrared rays is significantly smaller than the 4 to 14 micron range of far infrared.

This means that infrared saunas are also much less effective than far infrared saunas. Conventional heat saunas are even less effective, as they only heat the skin but cannot penetrate the body to provide wellness benefits.

FIR Saunas Make Others Obsolete

Throughout human history, people have known that the sun produced beneficial results and that even the crudest, most simple sauna could make them feel somewhat better.

Until very recently, a 190 degree sauna using conventional heat was state of the art. Most likely, you've used a conventional sauna in a exercise facility--perhaps many times.

But, just as CD's and DVD's are replacing audio cassettes, the Relax FIR sauna has rendered old fashioned saunas obsolete.

Far infrared saunas pentetrate 3 to 6 inches into your body, making you feel warm, but stirring up and removing toxic minerals, environmental toxins, and dissolved body fat (about 2.5% of it within a 20 to 30 minute sauna session).

The toxins include pesticide residues, petroleum based toxins, chloride and flouride.



In a book titled, "Detoxify or Die" by Sherry Rogers, M.D., she adds to the toxin list dioxins, PCB's, cadmium and phthalates (from plastic products).

Doctor Rogers explains that sweat is the only proven mechanism to remove heavy metals, PCB's, pesticides and other foreign chemicals out of the body. Other authorities include as toxins petroleum based toxins, chloride and flouride.

When toxins are released out of cells, they are taken up into the lymph system of your body. Sweat is made by the lymph system, excreting the toxins via sweat through the skin as you sweat in a Relax FIR sauna, the toxins bypassing the liver and kidneys.

Moreover, a study comparing the sweat of people using old-fashioned "heat only" saunas with those using FIR saunas showed that 95 to 97% of sweat in the first group was merely water.

But with those using FIR saunas, only 80 to 85% of the sweat was water, 12 to 15% lower than the other group. In the case of FIR sauna users, 12 to 15% of that eliminated was toxins, toxic metals, and dissolved fat.

Clearly, the Relax FIR sauna is right for you and your health. Learn more by using the links below and make a purchase while you are here. It will be the best $999 you ever invested.


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