Health Step


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Slide your new HealthStep® around the base of your toilet, where it stores conveniently until you are ready to use.




Sit firmly on your toilet. When ready to use, simply pull out your HealthStep® to a comfortable distance.




One at a time, place your feet on the footpads. Your feet will not lay flat. With your weight resting slightly on the balls of your feet, you are in the proper position for complete elimination.



How to use the HealthStep
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When using the HealthStep™ the weight of the body rests on the feet. This opens the muscles of the pelvic area and angles the rectum for the best possible mechanical advantage. This allows for complete and total elimination of waste and toxins.

This position also braces the muscles of the abdomen. The extra pressure of the thighs against the abdomen supports the ascending and descending colon, helping to prevent waste from getting stuck in the colon and causing bulges and distortions. Using the HealthStep® for elimination, also protects the pelvic nerves by keeping the perineum rigid.


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